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Trusted Veterans NGO in Quechee, VT

Veterans are one of the most prominent assets of our nation. We are indebted to them for our safety, peace of mind, and sense of satisfaction. Yet, we lack reliable resources when the matter narrows down to acknowledging and assisting them during their downfall.  The veteran community is in dire need of veterans NGOs in Quechee VT. It is crucial to focus on former soldiers’ mental and physical health.

After serving in the military for over 30 years, Nicole Christa Lyon and Jeremy Michael Lyon are well-aware of the matter’s vulnerability. Therefore, the veteran couple took the much-needed initiative by establishing a leading NGO for veterans in Quechee, VT. Vet Life Ltd is one of the best non-profit organizations in the area, dedicatedly working for veterans’ welfare.

The Mission of Veterans NGO

The core operation of this organization is to assist veterans in finding the purpose in their aimless life. After investing their existance for a worthwhile goal, most soldiers feel hopeless and lost when they retire. They have no idea what to do with their additional time and have difficulty adjusting to a non-veteran lifestyle. Vet Life Ltd, the best NGO for veterans in Quechee, VT, helps them find new aims and puts in the effort to acquire them.

The CEOs of the organization went through the same phase in their life and thus understand the challenges. There is no trial too tough to beat for a veteran, and so neither is this one. Therefore, we created an ideal platform. Now all the veterans and their loved ones can come together and reignite the sense of harmony.

What We Do!

The inspiration for Vet Life Ltd is fishing! When Nicole and Jeremy started fishing and fell in love with the activity, they realized how it helped overcome depression and anxiety. So while establishing the Veterans NGO, they decided to stick to the core inspiration. Therefore, we provide multiple programs where our experts teach and guide you in different activities.

You can choose a particular sport or activity according to your preference or explore all of them until you find one. In this way, you can productively spend your time while interacting and making connections with other veterans. It will reignite the sense of companionship within you while making every day a new adventure.

Programs We Offer

Being the most trustworthy veterans NGO in Quechee, VT, we offer wide-ranging programs, and there is always room for more. Each one of our programs is systematized and thoroughly planned. The chief resolution behind these curriculums is to:

  • • Reduce Suicide Rate Among Veterans
  • • Address and Treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • • Acknowledge Depression & Anxiety Among Veterans
  • • Ensure Physical Wellness of Disabled Veterans
  • • Provide Them Counselling

Keeping these objectives in consideration, we develop and introduce our curriculums. Most of the activities involve two-people to a group, indoor or outdoor, depending upon the preference and physical fitness of the individual. From skydiving to chess, fishing, boating, and football, we offer it all! If you have a great idea that aligns with our goals, you are more than welcome to share!

How Can You Join Us

Our platform is open and available for anyone. If you are a veteran or civillian who has a passion for social work, join us! You can be a volunteer, donor, or help us organize according to your interest and capability. All we oblige you to do is fill a form online, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. If you desire to donate, we assure you that we will use your money for a good cause, and you are more than welcome to verify anytime.

If you are a veteran or a family member who desires to sign up, the initial process is the same. You also have to fill a form, and for inquiry, you can call us anytime. We have a support team active and operative 24/7. For the well-being and happiness of your loved ones, you can blindly count on our trustworthy NGO for veterans in Quechee, VT! Together we will never let the veteran community down.

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