The Best Veterans Charity Organization in Quechee, VT

Vet Life Ltd is a name known for representing the best veterans charity organization in Quechee VT. It was initiated by the Lyon’s couple, who has dedicatedly served in the military for over 30 years. The motto of this organization is “Vets Helping Vets,” but the doors are always open for civilians too. This organization was established to address veterans’ issues, adjusting to civilian life being on top of the list.

No one can deny the fact that military lifestyle is not only different but incomparable. The sense of belonging that soldiers share with a battlefield can never be replaced. That is the reason when they leave the military; they don’t know how to live. It results in depression, drug abuse, and in the worst-case scenario, suicide. Our goal is to not only highlight these issues but also provide their best possible solutions.

How Did It Start

When they left the military, Nicole Christa Lyon and Jeremy Michael Lyon experienced an unexpected yet a common situation. They felt lost and had no idea how to adjust to this very different civilian lifestyle. Then the couple started fishing and instantly fell in love with the activity as it provided them with the sense of belonging they were craving all along. It made the couple realize their community needs unity to survive and thrive, especially once their military life is over.

Moreover, the veterans needed a platform to overcome their worst fears. And it was provided to them in the form of veterans charity organizations. Over the past few years, Vet Life Ltd has been serving the community with commitment and devotion. We are running several excellent programs, including professional counseling and therapy. Our doors are open for:

  • Veterans Experiencing Depression
  • Disabled Veterans
  • Veteran’s Families
  • Civilian Volunteers
  • Veteran & Civilian Donors

Vet Life Ltd is a good cause, and you all can become a part of it in many different ways. The ultimate goal line is to make the everyday life of the veteran community happier, ambitious, and full of laughter.

An Overview of Veterans Charity Organizations Programs

Vet Life Ltd doesn’t fit the traditional definition of veterans charity organizations! Just like its inspiration, its functional approach is also unique! We have introduced several programs, with each program revolving around a specific activity. The veterans interested in that particular activity, whether hiking, fishing, or tennis, enroll for that program. Every day we provide them with a new challenge to achieve, by inculcating healthy competition. It brings back the long-lost comradeship, and they feel like a community again.

There are multiple professional counseling and therapies for veterans who are suffering from other severe issues like drug abuse. Our assistance is not limited to veterans as we realize that their family undergoes such problems too. Therefore, we let the loved ones participate in the program or join another according to their preference. Each of these programs gets funded by a donor. Every year we introduce many new courses and activities to broaden the landscape for veterans.

Your Money; Our Responsibility!

If you want to be a part of Vet Life Ltd by donating, feel free to join us! We assure you that your money will be used for a good purpose. Our supreme sense of accountability and integrity is what makes us the most trustworthy. You are always welcome to look at the program you funded or participate in it if you desire. To donate, volunteer, or enroll in a program, you can fill out the Register & Donate section. All your personal information will be safe with us!

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