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Do you want to be a significant part of our radical initiative? Let’s make the life of veterans sparkling and full of hope together! Donate whatever you can and proudly contribute your share to make this world a better place.

Whether you are young or over 60, as long as you are passionate and committed to serving others, the doors of Vet Life Ltd are always open for you! Be a volunteer now and join our team.


Many veterans lose that sense of camaraderie when they leave the service. Vet Life Ltd. and its team members want to give those veterans a sense of camaraderie and belonging with various activities and opportunities.


Veterans do not lose that need to execute and accomplish their mission just because they no longer serve. Team Vet Life wants to provide opportunities for veterans to work together toward a common goal and even compete for recognition and bragging rights!


The members of Team Vet Life have a combine 30+ years of military service and an additional 20+ years of community service in the New England Region. We recognize the need to continue service and understand the importance of serving our nation’s veterans.

Together We Will Create A Change Our Community Desires!

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    Nicole Christa Lyon and Jeremy Michael Lyon, the CEO of Vet Life Ltd, started this small non-profit organization with nothing but a vision in their minds. But with your support and years of hard work, we are one of the leading platforms promoting hope and a beautiful life among the veteran community today. This remarkable accomplishment was possible because of the power of teamwork. This organization was nothing but an impression without your support, donation, and eager participation. Vet Life Ltd is thankful to all the donors, sponsors, volunteers, and veterans for joining our programs. For thriving, unity is crucial! We are a team with radical goals, and we can create the change but only together. So always be an active & dynamic part of our programs because we still have a long way to go!

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    Vet Life Ltd. and its team members strive to develop and execute opportunities for disabled veterans and service members to find purpose and enjoy life outside the military. Vet Life Ltd. serves disabled veterans and service members in the unique geographical area of New England and the organization offers a wide variety of opportunities for disabled veterans to network and participate in recreational activities. Our core values instill a sense of pride and belonging in a group.


    Our mission is what drives Vet Life Ltd to do everything possible to provide veterans a sense of pride of belonging in their communities, and assist with a healing path forward. We do that by identifying and building a unique cohort of disabled veterans in the new England area, by providing unique opportunities in outdoor/indoor recreational activities of all sorts and becoming that bridge between resources and work.