About Us

US citizens’ safety, peace, and freedom are an outcome of our committed and earnest veteran’s selfless service during war and peacetime. They leave their homes, put their lives at risk, and sometimes end up with permanent disabilities, all for the country’s sake. But unfortunately, their challenging lifestyle causes them to develop several mental and emotional disorders. According to the latest reports, the suicide rate among veterans is 1.5 times higher than the general public, and for females, the rate is 2.5 times higher.

Nicole Christa Lyon and Jeremy Michael Lyon, the CEO of Vet Life Ltd, are well aware of these severe problems and have gone through them themselves. Having served for more than 30 years in the military, they understand how and why depression, anxiety, and substance abuse leading to suicide are common among veterans. When the couple started fishing and fell in love with it, they realized that the community needs a sense of belonging and accomplishment to overcome this everlasting hopelessness.
Consequently, the veteran couple took the initiative and contacted companies offering recreational activities, including fishing for veterans. But for radical change, it wasn’t enough, so they decided to start their private non-profit organization under the name Vet Life Ltd.

Today Vet Life Ltd is a leading civil and social organization for Veterans in Quechee, VT. We have launched several programs to help veterans and their families realize the beauty of life. Our ultimate goal is to provide the veterans with opportunities to heal and succeed as a community. In the last five years, we have facilitated many disabled veterans in finding the purpose of their life. Yet, there is still a long way to go.

We are determined to provide every single veteran with a productive life once their service is over. Disability should not be their weakness but strength and pride. They can still enjoy every moment of life! But to achieve this goal, we need your support and funding. Whether you are a veteran or civillian, contribute your share and be a part of our passionate team. We must be united to establish unity! Thus if you want to be a part of Vet Life Ltd, contact us. You can donate, raise funds or give us new ideas for upcoming recreational programs and events. Our doors are always open for people willing to help!

Vet Life Charity

The team of Vet Life Ltd is all set to launch several new recreational programs and events including sports day. If you want to join and enjoy a sense of belonging, then feel free to contact us! We will provide you with information about existing programs and the kind of activities we offer. You can pick a sport you like or try something new.

If you want to contribute your share for the charity, you are more than welcome. Contact us to learn about the donation procedure. We assure you, your money will be used for good.